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  1. I would like to Introduce Myself. My name is EnderLord1925 and I've been playing on this Community for about 2-3Months now. And I must say it is one of my best Servers to date. With that being said, I'm from Minneapolis Minnesota, but now live at texas San Antonio, funny how I went from Cold to Hot. But anyways I'm 15 Years old, and been having a very good Year and hope next Year is much better, only time will tell, right?

    I want to be a Computer Engineering when I get older, I always like to work on Computer's fixing them up and etc. Overall just love Computer and what they bring to the table. They get somewhat good money a Year somewhere from 100k-150k. If not that then I kind of want to be a Game Developer. I don't know much about being a developer but it would be a wonderful experience to take on later on in my Life.

    It is funny on how I even found this Community and I think it was meant to be. One morning I was putting in an IP and I had put the IP in wrong but a Server still came up. And I was thinking well maybe this is what I was looking for in the first place lol. So I joined the Server, and it looked fun and enjoyable to stay, so I was gifted with Cash, Picks, and Gear. The cash the person who gave it to me wasn't all but nothing, got me to Rank H, but it was a heads start.

    From there on out, I was really having fun on the Community and wanted to stay due to the nice people, friendly, and kind giving. Some of the Stuff here were okay-ish, wasn't the most friendly but it was fine for me. Sooner or later I was known on the Server and the Staff knew me as well, with the others who were here long before me. At first, I had a feeling, that I was one of those Kids who was the new guy in School and didn't think I was going to fit in with all the other guys. But that wasn't very a problem for me here knowing the Community was small, yet very easy to get to know one another.

    I watched my back to see the people who were Friendly and who weren't friendly, I found my share of those people of both sides, had my Fights here and there with even the Owner at one point of time and didn't end well for me. But later on in time me and the people that I had problems with made up and ended our problems and they were put aside. I could now say that I'm okay with everyone here in this Community and think another way about it. I try and see things on their side of view than just my side of view you know? Because I'm sure some people had their share of he said and she said stuff.

    But that is the end of it so far, my Story here is still open and is freely running and is ready to get bigger than this!

    Happy Holidays!
  2. I'm glad you enjoy the server and its community, happy holidays!;)
  3. Glad you enjoy the server!
  4. Welcome to the server Arkanite! Hope you enjoy your stay.

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