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  1. People always complain about having op items and wanting more and will be willing to give their items for one specific item, what I am wondering is that if you can make a villager or something that you can trade a certain amount of things for something, for example: 5 450pickaxes and 3 500 pickaxes for Divine rank that console will give to you *I know it's not accurate but whatever* If you do find this shit a good idea then u should use it
  2. This is a great idea!
  3. a few pickaxes for the 2nd most expensive rank on our server is a bit too much I would say, but yea I agree that something like that is going help players for sure.

    I suggested something similar to your suggestion. adding a "tinkerer" to our server.
    and what that does. its a villager, when you right click it it opens a GUI that you can put Gear, Pickaxes, Disc Kits. or everything that most of the players just throw on the ground after opening a few keys. and the tinkerer will give you a certain amount of tokens for an exchange.
    better items - the number of tokens you get is higher

    and that how it works.
  4. Pretty good idea! You should definately suggest that!
  5. Already did, but rew is currently working on skyblock so i don't think he would add that as of right now.
  6. Not really suggesting that, just a stupid example

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