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  1. What is your username on Minecraft? TheJediGamerYT

    How many subscribers do you have? 26 and growing!

    What is the average amount of views you get per video? anywhere from 15 to 60 more recently 86

    How long have you played on Arkanite? for about 10-12 months

    Have you already uploaded a video on one of our servers? no but i am getting everything ready so i can start

    What will your upload schedule be like for Arkanite? at least once a week maybe on a Saturday (for me)

    Anything you would like to tell us? now i realize i don't have many subs but my vids typically get more views than the amount of subs i have. and my videos have been really well recently i hope you decide to give me the rank of Youtuber
  2. Pretty good amount of subscribers and views but if you haven't uploaded a video of our server yet you have 0% chance of being accepted and getting the Youtuber Rank. Nothing to say about this application. Make a video and then apply or edit this application when you have uploaded a video. Also, please give us a link to your Youtube channel and the name of it.
  3. yea i know i haven't uploaded a vid on arkanite yet is because i'm in the process of making a MC roleplay and i was planning to make a vid soon. i was actually just about to start recording on arkanite in a few minutes
  4. You must create a video on the server to. have the youtube rank. I enjoy watching your videos and I would love to see you as a youtuber. Good luck!
  5. Nice videos, looking forward to your video on Arkanite.
  6. i did make an arkanite vid idk what u talkin bout
  7. Videos are good and so is the quality. I hope to see more videos on arkanite and see you around friend.
    Good Luck
  8. Gud luck m8
  9. I think we are going to wait until reset before we do anything regarding ranks, so it may take a while to get a yes or no, but a link to a vid you made on ark would be great.
  10. Last time I checked, he has gained in subscribers. Pretty sure he has over 45, correct me if I'm wrong.

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