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  1. To suggest tags, reply to this thread using the following format as an example:

    If you want to go above and beyond and probably increase your chance of the tag being added then you can also include a picture of it in game.
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    yeah add these tags please
    rewtieisreallycool - &c&ki&8[&4&lrewtieisreallycool&8]&c&ki
    TheseAreExamplesForYouGuys - &d&ki&8[&a&lTheseAreExamplesForYouGuys&8]&d&ki
  3. Maybe something like this: [​IMG]
  4. Thanks for the ideas! I love the: I<3Arkanite tag, it looks really cool. Be sure to bring some more tag ideas to the server, helps the server a lot.
  5. &b&l&k|&3&l&m>&b&l&k|&1&l[&3&l&nHY&b&l&nD&3&l&nRO&1&l]&b&l&k|&3&l&m<&b&l&k|
    HYDRO Tag

    FLARE Tag (the formatting won't fit the backpack so the &6&k&lt part at the end won't show in the screenshot)

    FLASH Tag

    CANDY Tag

    WAGWAN Tag

    Ninja Tag

    Herp Tag (To go along with Derp! : D)

    R00D Tag (OhxRed suggested the concept for this and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!)

    AB00SE Tag (Cam_The_Man_ suggested the concept for this one)



    helpre Tag

    (I put these on a different thread and I didn't see this one so I'll be deleting the thread I made : P)

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    &7&l[&f&lTooth&c&lPaste&7&l] ToothPaste

    &7&l[&a&lHOOPLA&7&l] HOOPLA

    &7&l[Meh] Meh

    &7&l[&e&k;&6&l#&e&lN&6&l3&e&lR&e&lD #N3RD

    &7&l[&b&k;&3&lO&b.&3&lG&b&k;&7&l] O.G

    &7&l[&2&k;&a&o&lEPIC&2&k;&7&l] EPIC

    &7&l[&e&ki&6&lC-3PO&e&ki&7&l] C-3PO

    Thank you for the Tip SauceBoy :)
  7. EnderLord, remember to put the name of the tag after or before the code so we know what the tag says
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  8. It may not look apparent but he actually did put the name of the tag. Probably could've differentiated between them but he did.
    &7&l[Meh] (Meh) with the thing in parenthesis being the name of the tag.
  9. &f&l&kI&b&l[&b&l&oGet&f&l&oBlanged&f&l]&b&l&kI

    Tag would be "GetBlanged" in light blue and white.
  10. &c&lC&f&la&c&ln&f&la&c&ld&f&li&c&la&f&ln
    A Canadian tag would be nice as there is an American Tag.
  11. I'm not typically one to suggest a tag, let alone one involving me, but i feel like a few tags involving our current Mods could be neat:

    [TeamGen] :
    &F&L[&7&LTeam&e&lGen&f&l] TeamGen Tag.png
    [TeamNaughty] :
    &0&l[&7&lTeam&c&lNaughty&0&l] TeamNaughty Tag.png
    [TeamYoav] :
    &8&l[&7&lTeam&3&lYoav&8&l] TeamYoav Tag.png

    Just noticed after i made these, this works off the primary colors, rather conveinently [Red, Blue, Yellow]
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  12. &8&l[&8&lTeam&6&lFederal&8&l]












    &7&l[&f&lTooth&c&lPaste&7&l] ToothPaste

    &7&l[&a&lHOOPLA&7&l] HOOPLA

    &7&l[Meh] Meh

    &7&l[&e&k;&6&l#&e&lN&6&l3&e&lR&e&lD #N3RD

    &7&l[&b&k;&3&lO&b.&3&lG&b&k;&7&l] O.G

    &7&l[&2&k;&a&o&lEPIC&2&k;&7&l] EPIC

    &7&l[&e&ki&6&lC-3PO&e&ki&7&l] C-3PO

    Some of these are kind of bad so yeah...
  13. [​IMG] Maybe a tag like this
  14. This

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  15. &4&l[Mom&1&lim&9&lplaying!!]
  16. [&c&lS&6&lK&e&li&1&lT&2&lT&9&lL&d&lE&b&lS]
  17. Many new tag suggestions, hope that we get some of these in-game soon.:D
  18. &8&l[&b&lBlanged&8&l]
    Tag: Blanged
    Tag: JMCHasNiceSocks

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