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  1. Hello Arkanite!

    I come with you more Suggestions for you and this Community! ;)

    Store Suggestion: Adding Bold, to the /chatcolor list. The only way you could get this is from /buy or a DP. Not Crates and etc. This would be a really cool thing to have people buy from our Store, and I'm sure others would like it as well.

    Store Suggestion: W.E Token (A.K.A) WorldEdit Token. Having these would be a nice thing for those who want to edit something our of their Plot. Like all of that damn dirt and Stone that you'll never use nor want. One Token can solve you problem then asking Owners / Admins for help doing so.

    Forums Suggestion: There should be a Build section. For those who want to show off their Plots or Builds from /warp Build. This could also help the Staffing Team pick / find new Builders if needed.

    More suggestions are soon to come. :)
  2. First Suggestion : I don't like this idea myself, espeically since bold is currently the main thing which significantly makes staff more visible in chat, and makes it easier for us as staff to help people. If alot more people had bold, it'd likely make chat start to feel more cluttered, with bold being alot more frequent in the chat considering it can currently be mixed with any color.

    Second Suggestion : Needs clarification, as currently isnt too clear on what this token would do/ how it'd work

    Third Suggestion : Good idea, allows for people to showcase some of their work should they wish to, may encourage more plot building to be done and increase playtime overall potentially.
  3. Rare Keys: Can be more rare then Rank Keys. They can have Commands that can be used such as /autosell, /kit keys, Tokens such as PM's more Plots, money high as 50t-100t. And even a better Chance of getting Higher ranks such as Legend-Arkanite.

    [Permanent] Multi: This would be nice for those who want their very own Multi and just Mine forever! Multi's may go up to 1x 2x 3x 4x and even a 6x. 1x would cost 25$ 2x would cost 55$ 3x would cost 85$ 4x would cost 105$ 6x would cost 200$ This may seem to be high af but don't forget you keep this forever.

    OP Drop-Party | Personal: This would be a neat Idea o have on the Server. What this does is it gives you items and such as any other DP does but it is only for you and you only. You would be given stuff such as Legendary, Arkanite, Pickaxe, Rankup fish, Tokens, Cash, and maybe more. It will also give you 32 Vote Party Crates. Don't worry the Votes don't reset or anything like that. This would cost 20$ as well.

    OP Drop-Party | Whole Server: Don't feel like waiting for the Weekend for a DP? No need to worry I came up with a neat idea. This would be like the Personal DP but bigger and better. You would have the chance to win Rank keys / Books. Key's such as Legendary, Arkanite, Tag keys. Good Picks such as Arkanite - 500 Pickaxe's. And small stuff such as Tokens, Cash, Rankup fish. This would be super sweet for those who want an DP now and then and don't want to wait for the Weekend. Also how this would work is that a Chest would be config to give you the listed Items above and such. This would cost 35$

    Starter Pack: This would be for Starters who want some quick Cash, Tokens and more! You would get 10k Tokens, 500bill, /nick, 3 Legendary Keys, 5 Vote Keys, 1 Arkanite Key, and 1 Pickaxe Key. This would cost about... 10$

    The only suggestion I'm somewhat off on... Is the Rare Keys, but other then that I love everything else.
  4. SImple, but nice suggestions.
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  5. I don't like the first suggestion because if everyone could get bold it would not make staff members stand out and be more noticed.

    I like the third, agree with jj:
  6. I like the Rare keys Idea
  7. 2Fed u staff have bold chat to stick out nice idea but some people will take advantage and try to be staff (Wich is a good thing sometimes) but it wont make you staff POP u know what i mean?

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