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  1. I want to include the community in rule revision so take a look at the rules and decide if some may need to removed or added or just revised. Reply to this thread with the rule you think should be added/revised/removed.
    *Please note that if you do reply, the changes you suggest are not guaranteed to be implemented.*

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    Add Subtle Advertising -

    Mentioning other servers in messages. Or telling a player to dm them an ip to a server. "Wanna go pvp on velt" "wanna go play some hypixel BEDWARS" "Hey Dirtyjob message me the ip on discord"

    First Offense - Verbal Warning
    Second - Warning
    Third - 1 hour ban

    Add Disrespect -

    Disrespecting a member in anyway. Disrespect from the players could cause this person to leave the server or even quit playing minecraft itself. "YOU ARE BAD AT YOUR JOB. PLEASE RESIGN" "F YOU KID PLEASE LEAVE THE SERVER NO ONE LIKES YOU"

    First Offense - Warning
    Second - 1 hour mute
    Third - 1 day ban

    Make Scamming Not Allowed -

    I know there is /trade to avoid scamming but some players could be really young and not realize. There are still mean players on the server who do this and it could cause others to leave.

    First Offense - 7 day ban
    Second - Perm

    Allow Alting -

    With our low player count, I don't see a problem with having alts. Especially on skyblock, which is a well-known gamemode for afking spawners using alts.

    3 alts per user

    Remove "Admitting to Hacks" or "Joking about Hacks"

    A lot of players join servers and say that they hack. I say don't ban them unless there is proof of them actually hacking.

    Make Badlion Client Allowed -

    Now I saw that you made CheatBreaker allowed but I think that Badlion Client should be allowed since it is for 1.8. Not really any illegal modifications that gives you an advantage on the client.

    Make Fly Speed Allowed -

    In my opinion, I don't know why this isn't allowed, as it is only usable in creative mode.
  3. i say instead of staff dis have it be dis in general, no one wants to play on a server they don't feel like they belong on
  4. Edited my post with a lot of other rules that should be removed/added.
  5. I like everything you said there Jshy but i would not allowe alting only because of our low playercount... and i dont think you need 3 alts in Skyblock. But i would agree with everything else.

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