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Make the max bal...

  1. 1 Quadrillion

  2. Unlimited

  1. The max balance right now is 100 Trillion. If the rankup prices double every 100 prestiges this happens:

    No prestige to prestige 100 - 200b
    prestige 100 to prestige 200 - 400b
    prestige 200 to prestige 300 - 800b
    prestige 300 to prestige 400 - 1.6t
    prestige 400 to prestige 500 - 3.2t
    prestige 500 to prestige 600 - 6.4t
    prestige 600 to prestige 700 - 12.8t
    prestige 700 to prestige 800 - 25.6t
    prestige 800 to prestige 900 - 51.2t
    prestige 900 to prestige 1000 - 102.4t

    Ranking up to Z at Prestige 900 cost 102.4 Trillion dollars. The max bal is 100 Trillion. Add a 0 to the max balance (making it 1 quadrillion) or get rid of it entirely. I can't think of any reason there should be one anyway.
  2. Now, here's the thing:

    Yes, i agree that the cap needs to be raised, I had raised this as a potential issue to the staff, however it seems that they took no immediate action, presumable considering that it'll take at least a month before someone hits that point with the exponential cost growth.

    However I disagree with the idea of removing the cap downright.

    If we don't have a cap, then players will just keep mining forever without consequence, and would kill any economy as money becomes virtually worthless due to the infinite supply without limits. Having a cap allows for the Economy to be limited, and not spiral out of control as people just keep mining to afford the constant increase in prices that people will ask for their items as more and more and more money enters the economy.

    And there isn't a reasonable money drain that we could implement to make it both worthwhile for players to use but not break the server eco with that as well.

    TL;DR: Yes, i agree the cap needs raising, not removed, since having no cap would mean player business would become ridiculously broken and destroy the economy.
  3. I've already hit the max though...

    The max needs to be higher whether or not it's to let people rankup even though I used that as the reason in the thread. The amount of money you get from mining isn't compatible with what you're trying to keep balances at. Having a maximum makes money worthless because then everyone gets to that point and nobody can pay anyone. If there's no maximum, yes inflation will happen, but it will get to a point where it doesn't inflate as quickly. When it gets to the point where there is slowed inflation, that's when the economy will be where the mines are. If you want the economy to be under 100t (or under 1 quadrillion), you would have to nerf all of the mines.
  4. I agree with Terror. I believe it does have to be raised because people are already hitting I think and the reset was yesterday. But there needs to be a cap or some people would have no life.Lol.
  5. I'm gonna do that anyway. This is an invalid argument.
  6. I didn't mean max balance when i said this, I had meant it as it'd take at least a month before someone gets to the P800-900 region where the cap becomes the bigger issue it currently is.

    Now, here's the thing, We're not going to force you to go to the max balance, heck that is entirely optional. Unfortunately without a hard cap for how much money you can have per player, yes it will eventually slow down in terms of inflation, but it'll never actually stop.

    Now how much will it cost for low rank books down the line if there isn't a hard money cap? Hundreds of Trillions? Players will be consistently asking for better prices when they make their deals, as per standard trade goals of maximising profits, and without having some kind of cap in place it'll eventually get to the point in which if you are a new player to the server, you'd be virtually unable to do any form of trades with other players for quite a while as the inflation in the economy makes any early work you do virtually worthless if not put towards ranking up. Yes this will still be an issue when the cap is raised, but it'll greatly reduce how far it would be able to spiral out of control.

    What you'll find eventually is that once everyone begins to work on their plots and reopen shops for items to buy and sell for money, then you'll have more purpose for your money to use the playershops. however where we're still early this additional money distribution mechanic isn't being used yet.
  7. I can see people just getting carried away.
  8. Bumping this thread as this is going start causing issues pretty soon.
  9. Maybe there should be a Money cap increase Voucher similar to /as and /echest, where you can buy it off the store, yet still available to F2P players from the Arkanite crate. This way, long time playing players who eventually obtain it have the ability to reach those heights of P900.
  10. Reaching higher prestiges should not be limited based on items from the store, regardless if you can get it for free. Limiting the progress a player can make is the opposite of what they should be doing.
  11. They could also make it guaranteed obtainable from reaching prestige 500 or so. This way it would not stop them right in their tracks if they hadn't obtained it by the Arkanite crate by then.
  12. It's an interesting concept, but i'd have to agree with Knuckles on this, it would simply be unfair to make it so newer players or players in general are disadvantaged in comparison by having a lower max balance to the more experienced players.
  13. bump
    some info might be off for this season but basic idea is still there

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