Regarding my Application.

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  1. Hello anyone who happens to be this as a Staff Member.
    I'm here writing this application my mobile device (iPhone), regarding my Application.
    Sorry if you expected this to be a rant, but it's not.
    I've been busy a lot in my real life, it's difficult for me to gain hours and etc. but my real life is more important to me then a 'game server', There has been a death in my family, so I've been in grief cause I miss him so much!
    So I can't be able to be on as much as you staff members would like, but I'm trying my hardest! I can only play usually on the weekends from my houses terrible wifi and my mom set a google block on google chrome from a 15 year old boy.. So I can't change my password on Minecraft since I was recently Compromised. Sorry for the inconvenience, but hope you guys/gals understand what I'm dealing with in my life.
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  3. i feel sorry about your loss. hope you get better

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