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Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by Rewtie, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Have any good ideas for quests? Reply here letting us know what they are.
  2. Prestige 5 times in one day and get 2 Arkanite Keys
  3. Alright.

    Quest should be set up like a Lvl System Lvl: 1-50 every few Quest's you do will Lvl you up and be given a new Set of Quests to got on from, each Quest will get harder and harder by the Set. If you don't like this idea I got another one down below.

    Every time a Player Logs into the Server he/she will be given 3-5 Quests to do before 24hours is up, almost like Voting for the Community every 24hours. There will be Easy, Middle, and Hard. This is where the Lvl System would come in and play it's role, every time you complete one of these Quest you can Lvl up and keep going. More and more Quest's could / can be added every weekend or so.

    This could also mean more Ranks / Prestiges for Player who want them, by doing every Quest and Lvl in the Server you can unlock more Rank's. Trust me #Rewtie this could be a key to more Ranks and etc, people would love this and wouldn't complain about being board and more, till the next reset comes along.

    Here are a few Quest's that could be added.

    Easy: Kill 5 Players.

    Middle: Have 2Hours of Player today.

    Hard: Mine 1mill Blocks.

    Easy: Kill 2500 Mobs

    Middle: Get 5 Reactions today.

    Hard: Prestige 3 times today.

    Some of these can be bypassed and some may think it is unfair, but I'm sure I and others will come up with more and better ideas.
  4. I disagree, I think quests should have a daily, weekly, and monthly quest
  5. Sorry about that. I meant by Daily Quest*

    Weekly can be nice but I'm not sure on Monthly people may end up forgetting all about it and not doing it at all.
  6. This is REALLY good. I love the blocks one, levels are even BETTER, but yeah. There should DEFINITELY be quests for Reactions, Blocks, POTENTIALLY Playtime, Kills are a bit iffy, and I'm not sure how the prestige one would work, however for the most part this seems pretty good. There should be some sort of tags involved in this as well. Like you get one every 10 levels of the quest.
  7. complete the server in 1 day you get rank key. another 1 would be mine [block amount] get a arkanite key
  8. I think noone in the Community has Complete the server in one whole day. Takes many more to do so in fact.
  9. Good idea. It's just I don't think that there should be PVP quests because people could just boost for that. I just think that it should have to do with mining or prestiging or something like that. One could be find 5 or so lucky blocks today. (Daily QUEST)

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