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Discussion in 'Important Announcements' started by Rewtie, Sep 20, 2017.

By Rewtie on Sep 20, 2017 at 3:16 PM
  1. Hey everyone,

    Over the past few months I've noticed the servers economy becoming more and more inflated, and I need to take responsibility for that. When setting up the server last June, I made legendary keys way too common for the OP rewards that it offers. The staff team and I have discussed that a server reset with a fixed economy would benefit the community for the better. Let me explain a little. I am proposing replacing the legendary key reward from prestiging with its own 'Prestige key.' This crate would have a chance to receive 1 of any of the other keys, from Vote to Rank and every crate in between. Obviously the lower crates would be more common, but this would completely benefit the entire community for the better, because as of right now it doesn't seem like the OP stuff isn't all that OP, because of how common all of the OP items have become. Next thing I would change is the reaction rewards. I would still like to give a legendary key for winning reactions, but I would like to enable that you need to win multiple reactions in order to receive the key (3 or 4 reactions, NOT in a row, but total.) Along with this reset would come a free world along with the very anticipated Gangs feature, as well as quests to go with the free world, a revamped /shop, revamped mine prices, crate rewards, and much more. I believe this update would be super beneficial to the community, but I would like your input on it before going through with it. Please reply letting me know what you think about it, some features you would like to see added, and answer the poll. If the poll passes, more information will be posted such as when the reset will take place as well as a complete list of what exactly will be added, removed, or changed.

    Rewtie / Josh.
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Should we reset to fix the economy?

Poll closed Sep 23, 2017.
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Discussion in 'Important Announcements' started by Rewtie, Sep 20, 2017.

    1. Jshy
      will bans reset bb? I think the reset is a gr8 idea and it will hopefully draw more players back to ark.
    2. Spirit_of_Valor
      I think se should implement spawner grinding areas as another source of income so ae aren't mining the entire time to rankup, or at least provides an alternative source of income, we can also purchase a personal grinder and upgrade it with the xp we get from the mobs
    3. Rewtie
      Yes bans would reset
    4. Rewtie
      That is a great idea, thank you for the suggestion.
    5. Jshy
      Also, since the ark staff team is slowly leaving, you should go back to only having helper mod admin and owner.. I like sr mod but it looked better with only those ranks.
    6. Rewtie
      I don't think the staff team is slowly leaving, I have just been more strict on staff members needing to play so I demoted inactive members.
    7. Jshy
      Ah, okay.. makes more sense.. I like your idea on this 'Prestige Key' and by next reset I will finally get my act straight so I can play.. I've been a real bitch and very rude to other players. Thanks for working hard on this server rew and I will show more respect to the staff team, aswell as the players..
    8. Jshy
      And rew, pretty sure they never transferred my stuff on my new account from Zewtie to Jshy on buycraft.. Salsa just did it in game but not on buycraft.
    9. Conwayyy
      Definitely reset.
    10. 2Federal
      -/ Add /Bounty
      -/ Make a better looking scoreboard
      -/ Make a better /list
      -/ Add /adlink & /adshop
      -/ Make farming crops play a part in the ECO ( Cost doesn't need to be the same as blocks but something to live on )
      -/ Remove God Apples from Voting Vouchers
      -/ Re-vamp PvP Kits
      -/ Build another /warp parkour
      -/ Fix what it tells you on /vote
      -/ Add /casino
      -/ Add Daily & Weekly rewards.

      Staff aren't slowly leaving. If anything we're picking the right active & responsible staff members for the job, and for whoever resigned have/will be replaced with another applicant in due time. We want people who are able to devote their time into Arkanite. Simple.
    11. RareTurtle
      I think we should add /pv instead of backpacks.
    12. Visitables
      The only thing I'm worried about is my Donator Rank.
      Since I don't have a permanent Donor rank, it feels as if it is gonna be such a drag mining.
    13. Jshy
      it will be even harder to get money next season.. Like getting 1trill will be a lot harder, so i would pay the 20 dollars to get perm rank
    14. RB30DET
      Definitely needs a reset imo. Legendary keys are called Legendary for a reason, if you want to still give out keys as much as you do to make it interesting for the new players when they come, make a Common crate, but also a 0.1% or close for decent items maybe? Ark keys should also be updated? They seem almost not using.

      Just making suggestions lol, don't mind me
    15. ChristmasPiggy
      Good Idea, my stuff got deleted from by backpack so it would probably happen again to someone else no matter what.
      Backpacks should be for mining ONLY.
    16. Steep
      i think u should not change how common the Leg keys are cuz they are not that OP at all
    17. ChristmasPiggy
      I think they should make them a LITTLE rarer.
    18. Spirit_of_Valor
      Well steep we need to make them more rare than a voting key, we can always modify the legendary key to be more powerful to balance making them harder to get ofc.
    19. Steve79308
      Looking forward to seeing all the new updates and changes in place :D

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