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  1. Major Network-Wide Rules.
    If you are caught breaking a major rule, you will be banned permanently.
    • Don't cheat.
    • Don't lie to staff.
    • Don't scam accounts.
    • Don't DDoS other players, make DDoS threats, engage in DDoS comedy, just don't talk about DDoSing PERIOD.
    • Don't violate the privacy of others.
    • Don't advertise other servers.
    General Rules.
    • Don't autoclick or use any other sort of macro.
    • Don't spam the chat.
    • Don't exploit bugs or glitches.
    • Don't post links to screamers, shock sites, downloads, or sites containing pornographic content.
    • Don't make suicide/self-harm jokes or provoke suicide/self-harm.
    • Don't use an objectionable Minecraft username. If your username is perceived as harmful, hateful, racist, obscene, or otherwise objectionable, you will be banned until your name is changed, or permanently, at our discretion.
    • No Hackusating. If you think somebody is cheating, use /report.
    • Don't evade a ban. Make an appeal instead.
    • Don't play with players who are ban evading. If you are caught, you'll be punished.
    • Don't help players ban evade. If you're caught, you'll be permanently banned.
    • Don't be racist. You will be punished for this.
    • Don't dispute the bans of other players. If you dispute the ban of another player, you will join them.
    • Don't forget to keep up to date on the rules. These rules may change from time to time. It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of the current rules.
    • Don't sell or buy stuff for IRL money on our servers. This includes in-game items, accounts, capes, anything.
    OP Prison Rules.
    • No Pay Bypassing. Don't bypass the eco reset from prestiging, or you will be reset back to C0 P0 A.
    • No Excessive Griefing. Excessively griefing a plot or build can result in a rollback and punishments for the offending players. In short, don't be a jackass.
    • No Alting. You may NOT use an alternate account for any reason without approval of the staff.
    • Specifically Allowed:
      • Scamming in-game items and in-game money. (Use /trade to prevent this)
    Rules for applying.

      • You can only apply for one server at a time.
      • If your application is denied, you can re apply in a week. If you submit an application within a week then you will be auto denied and consider yourself permanently unconsidered since you can't follow the rules.
      • If your application for server1 is denied, then you can't apply for server2 right after. You still have to wait the week to submit another application.
    List of Allowed Mods:
    • 5zig
    • Schematica
    • Optifine
    • Better Sprint
    • Gamma bright
    • Player API
    • ToggleSneak (not the flight speed)
    • Coordinate Mods
    • Status effect HUD
    • Direction HUD's
    • Armor Status HD
    • Chunk Borders
    • Lighting Fixs
    • Mod Packs such as JustPvP or the Optic Client ModPack.
    • Mini maps that do not show players or CHEST locations on it.
    • LabyMod
    • Informative x 10
    • Useful x 5
    • Like x 3
    • Agree x 2
    • Dislike x 1
    • Winner x 1
    • Optimistic x 1
    • Old x 1
    • Dumb x 1
    • List
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