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Discussion in 'Closed' started by NexoJr, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. What is your username on Minecraft? NexoJr

    How old are you? 12

    Can you communicate with Skype? Yes and discord..

    What is your reason for applying to be a Builder? I want to be builder on Arkanite bcz i like to builds things and i like to meet people, the server is good and i think that i will be a good builder bcz i think that u think that im building good..I'm pretty good at building, I think myself good at building mountains and good at finding ideas etc. I'm often on the server and I am very kind to players and respect everyone they should .. I do not use very ugly words and Uses my language and tries to slow down on character spamming (Sorry if it was messy)

    Please link us the best of your past builds. https://imgur.com/a/ZYDNg

    I dont had play minecraft on a year, thats the only buildings i found just now..
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  2. Heyo Nexo, I know i'm no Staff member but I am an Ex-Builder, as that I'm just informing you that the applying for builder you must have more than at least 4 vibrant, and unique builds that will appeal to the Recruiting Team, Just a friendly reminder :) <3 goodluck -nek
  3. Im not part of the recruiting team, but these builds have nothing unique to them amd honestly looks like anyone could make these builds, as nekroh has stated above you need unique and vibrant builds, these look mundane and have no thought put into them.
  4. Not the most detailed builds, and even though I'm not good at building I could even make those builds. I suggest making way nicer and more beautiful builds.
    Good Luck.

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