Make blockrewards more rewarding/bulk rankup

Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by redblood9864, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. There's been too many times where I get an extra level of efficiency or fortune when my tool is already maxed out, and when ranking up a bunch kicks me for spam.

    Ranking up should take you up as many ranks as you can for your money, and blockrewards should fluctuate based on the tool you're holding.
  2. I like both of these idea's but they both require custom coding which could cost hundreds of dollars but it might be worth it. Also the ranking up as high as possible could be annoying too though, maybe they could make a /maxrankup that has you run /rankup 26 times
  3. "Ranking up should take you up as many ranks as you can for your money" - can't even imagine the number of people that would cry if this was how /rankup worked, maybe /maxrankup can become a thing where it ranks you up as many times as possible like Alontrle mentioned.

    "blockrewards should fluctuate based on the tool you're holding" so the better picks get better and the worst picks get worse? (obviously not literally worse, but you see the point..) I agree blockrewards should be reworked a bit since it was designed originally for no completionist ranks, only the first 25 prestiges, so I'll think of some things we could change it up. With our other plans though I can't promise a certain date for any updates. Thanks for the suggestions
  4. I have an idea, instead of fortune, add a Mining Key and every 10k give them 1 key and in the crate you could get money, tokens, kits, legendary keys, and a chance of a pickaxe key.

  5. 10k blocks per key seems a it to easy. I mean.... It may not to others but if you know what you're doing while mining then maybe so.

    Having a Mining Key is useless and worthless. They would be like Vote Keys or Legendary, when you can get kits, tools, more keys, and even pickaxe keys from Legendary keys, not vote keys.
  6. I'm just saying that there should always be some benefit to mining 10k blocks, like giving tokens instead of enchants if those enchants are already maxed out. Or, keys or other things instead.
  7. I do like the idea as a basic concept, altho i think this sort of thing would need to be brought in with a general revamp on how rewards are given from mining downright, and altered so the rewards you get from this are small.

    I mean, 10k blocks isnt that much once you have any pickaxe with decent explosion on it, there'd end up being so many of them around if they gave anything more than, say, 10-20 tokens or a small amount of money respective to their current mine and maybe the incredibly small chance for a different key (Except Rank), it'd end up being a bit too rewarding.

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