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  1. So, this is something I thought of literally 3 seconds ago as of writing this and like, this is probably the weirdest suggestion I've ever done. This is DEFINITELY going to need a better name though. The name would be &5, and so would the crate.

    What it is (as the name entails), is it's a crate key, but with its crate, you can get ANY of the currently existing crate keys, as well as more key keys. So the reward would be 2 key keys to get more.

    I'd guess the main purpose/benefit for these would be to be able to get a lot of keys, but not get any of the other random stuff you can get through the other keys at the same time.

    I'm honestly not sure what the chances would be for each key, but (And I'm not quite good at this so bear with me here), here's my ROUGH idea of what they MIGHT be.

    Vote: 25%
    Pickaxe: 25%
    Legend: 20%
    Arkanite: 15%
    Tag Key: 5% (Whatever the chance is in the Arkanite Crate)
    Rank Key: 3% (1% or 5% would do as well.)
    "Key Key x2": 5%

    You'd get the "Key Keys" from an Arkanite Crate at 5%, or from a Legend Key at 2%. This really didn't really even start out as a serious suggestion until I kinda put some more thought into it to be entirely honest. XD
    You COULD potentially get them through Lucky Blocks, but it might end up like the Tag Key, that you'd get WAY more of em if they were in Lucky Blocks, and they'd be almost everywhere.

    There's honestly not much more I can think of in the ways of its features, and ways to obtain it.
    If you want you could DEFINITELY suggest more uses, or have some criticisms about it. Because to be entirely honest, this was something brought up in just 10 seconds and put to paper, so it's gonna be a bit shoddy.
  2. Key Key sounds odd to say. But I guess it is okay.

    I was thinking and had come up with something the other day about a new Key Crate name " Rare " It would give you very OP Items, most likely you'll always get something good out of it. Items such as /Autosell's, PM's, 10t-100t, Legend-Arkanite Rank Books, and more things such as Personal DP's or DropParty (Everyone)

    More Information here: http://arkanite.net/threads/store-server-suggestions.100/
  3. Both ideas are great!
    I think it would be really cool to add both :)
  4. Seems like a neat idea to me

    I'd simply call it the Crate Key, rather than Keys Key, since what you'd obtain from the key would be used for the other 'crates'

    With the odds you've placed here, the potential for alot of different keys, most of which are useful, would provide these keys with their value, especially with the chance for a rank key from this, but would also be a bit of a risky endeavour if people were to purchase these keys from others due to the chance for vote keys, the contents of which is generally regarded as being worth very little.

    With the odds on this, i feel like what you came up with is decent for the most part, the odds I'd propose for this would be as follows:

    Vote : 30%
    Legend : 20%
    Ark : 10%
    Tag : 5%
    Pick : 20%
    2x Crate : 10-14%
    Rank Key : 1-3%

    And have a uncommon/rare chance to obtain these keys from Vote, Legend and Ark keys.

    From Vote Crate : 5-10% - By allowing the chance to obtain from vote keys, may grant some more value to the key.
    From Legend Crate : 5%
    From Ark Crate : 2-3%

    In relevance to Lucky Blocks however, having the chance to get these keys from lucky blocks could be a little much, due to the chance of rank keys, despite being small, may still be higher overall in comparison to other keys, where the percentage in most of the current crates is unrepresentative of the actual odds, where more than 100% total can be seen.
    But then again, it may simply be a way to add a drop for a random key, which overall would be suitable. So the option of these keys in luckyblocks could go either way.

    If this does get introduced, however, i'd like to propose that 1-5 of these keys would be added to /Kit Keys, where currently the keys which you do get from the command is very little, in comparison to what you could get from a few minutes of mining. This would grant the command a greater value, in not only getting more on a daily basis, but with the command also giving you a very small chance each day to obtain a rank key through opening these keys.

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