Incremental Increase of Leg Keys After Prestiging

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  1. forestfire1 was actually who gave me the idea for this, as he asked if it was a thing earlier. Considering prestiges get much harder after Completing, I think the amount of Legendary Keys you get after prestiging should increase by one each comp. So Comp1 gets 3 per Prestige, Comp2 gets 4, Comp3 gets 5, so on so forth, up to 7 per prestige at comp5.

    I've already got some pros and cons just in case anything gets mentioned.

    Much more worth it to prestige after Completion 1
    You get more out of Prestiging and it gives more incentive to prestige further
    Better Chance to get +3's each Completion
    Gives people that don't find Lucky Blocks or win Reactions that often more opportunities to get keys

    People can just sell them to repeatedly prestige (Might cancel it out considering the person they're selling to runs out of money easily)
    Makes Legendary Keys somewhat more common than they already are
    MIGHT make things a bit too easy after completing enough times
  2. I used to think of this idea way back when I first started to play this Community. Over time I started to see how many Legendary keys you can get from just doing /prestige alone.

    Knowing the ECO and Bal Cap went up more, keys and shops have did so as well. People such as me have keys going for like 1-3t and that's just Legendary Keys. If you're in C1 you could fly past it within 5mins by only selling your un-wanted Keys.

    If you do 2x25 you'll get 50. That is 50 Legendary Keys per Complete you do.

    If you Complete all 5-6 times you'll get 300 Legendary keys when you hit Master, and let's not forget the left over keys you get from Luckyblocks and etc.
  3. I mean honestly, are legend keys even good? Except if you get a 1% for a rank crate key.

  4. Some people say they're not good, some will say that they're the best.
  5. I considered something like this at one point myself, but then realised the number of legend keys players would obtain in 1 complete and 1 mastery would end up being insane, as you'd end up getting;
    • Base 50 keys total for Comp 0
    • 75 Keys total Comp 1
    • 100 Keys in Comp 2
    • All the way up to a staggering 175 Keys for the Final Completion.
    In total, the number of legendary keys you'd get from this system would be 675 Legendary keys, or just over 10 and a half Stacks of legendary keys. That feels like too many keys to me.
    It's fair enough giving increasing rewards for the higher cost to some degree, but this is an insane amount of keys, considering that a base 2 keys per prestige results in 50 keys per completion, or 300 keys total per mastery, which is still a significant number of keys.

    And then there's the issue of +3s.
    If players get increasing amounts of keys for prestiging, and decide to save the fish till comp 4 or 5, it may be possible for a player to snowball right through comp 5.
    Let's assume that the player obtains 1 +3 rankup fish for every 5 keys. Previously this would result in 50 +3s before hitting comp 5, not including keys from elsewhere. With this proposed system, this is doubled to 100 +3s. Should the player sell the 7 keys they recieve from comp 5 prestiges, and combine it with these fish they had saved, it'd easily be possible for a player to finish comp5 with mining few blocks whatsoever.

    Nice idea, but this potential to snowball out of control quickly would end up making the prison a bit TOO easy to finish

    Legend keys are pretty decent, they have some good things in it, mainly a decent chance for +3 fish, which can give a lot of value in higher completions and the small odd for a rank key, but most of the rest isn't very good
  6. Yeah JJ I considered the amount you'd get as well, didn't think it was a lot then but now that I see what you said that IS a lot XD.
    Never thought about the +3's though. Considering the goal I wanna reach (3602 rankups in fish for an entire mastery), I just thought of more +3's as good because it'd make me progress in my goal further, as well as help other people progress further, never thought about the overkill that that would produce though XD

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