Accepted illuminarti#9690 Ban Appeal For Discord :weary: :ok_hand: :100:

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by illuminarti, Jun 9, 2018.

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  1. What is your username on Minecraft? illuminarti#9690

    Who were you banned by? discord dont disclose that kinda stuff

    What was the ban reason? damned if i know

    How long have you played on Arkanite? over a year feelsbadman

    Why should you be unbanned? cuz there aint no reason I should be

    Anything you would like to tell us? Aint no reason for me to be banned. Nobody said "hey stop doin that you gon be banned" and aint nothin I did against the rules so... inb4 unban.
  2. First off, you played the same song over 70 times which was over 5 hours long. I told you to stop and then you kept pinging me. I told you to stop pinging me and you spam-pinged me. I warned you and you continued. Then you got warned again and muted. Then after you got unmuted, you constantly started to harass a staff member ( my self ). I have warned you plenty of times and then you started to get to the point where you called me "dyslexic" and said I should be demoted. All I was trying to do was do my job and you harass me in this manner. I personally, do not think you should be unbanned as of right now.
    This quote is also really funny because you harassed someone and you also spammed songs on the discord.


    Good luck on your ban appeal.
  3. Unbanned this time. Act up like this one more time I will not be as kind.
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