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  1. Hi Everyone!;)
    so, I've been collecting items since that last reset which was 4 months ago, and? I'm not going to keep them in my echest forever! I decided to give away all of my items, and that includes:

    ~21 different rank books

    ~150 rankups in rank up fish

    ~4 auto sell commands

    ~/ctag command and a /echest command

    ~20 different tags

    ~and most important and rare: 1x head of mine, (no one has it)

    I had a lot more items, I gave away half of them already:confused:

    To enter you have to complete these 4 following steps:

    #1 - Comment your IGN
    #2 - Comment a number between 1 to 1000
    #3 - comment 2 things you would be interested in getting
    #4 - Like this post.

    I'm going to choose 10 different winners! since i think 1-3 isn't enough, and i want most of you to enjoy these items!
    I will pick a number between 1 to a 1000 and the closest number to the number i chose will be the 1st one to pick 1-2 things he would like to get out of the list of items right here in front of you. the 2nd closest number will be the 2nd one to choose his prize. and that's how it works until we reach 10 different winners.

    Much Love and Good Luck!!!!:D
  2. Forgot to mention, the giveaway is going to end in the 18th of this month, (8 days from now)
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    IGN: MrTrompete
    i would like /ctag and a rank above legend if possible... (i take everything xD)
  4. #4 Courtney Brunson, Oct 10, 2017
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    I would like Ctag and AutoSell.
  5. don't have any ranks above elite, if i get more ranks this Saturday after the DP ill comment it down here.
  6. ok thx for telling... if i win i'd like to get the /autosell too :D and your head ;D
  7. IGN: MangoYT
    Number: 360
    Would Like Anything Really XD
    Good Luck Guys ☺
  8. IGN: MangoIsBae
    Number: 490

    I would appreciate any items, it all sounds cool
  9. iGN: xOliverAtom.
    i want the items :)
    GL :D
  10. IGN: Coolfjb3
    I would like you head and ranks
  11. IGN: MuddyPiggyYT
    Number: 391
    I would like /ctag and your head ;)
  12. IGN: Gabrizella
    Number: 379
    Prizes: Yoav's head and 20 tags :D
  13. IGN: GCracker1
    Number: 762
    Prize: 1x Yoavmcking's Head and 1x /Autosell Command

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!
  14. #1 -CBPin0912
    #2 - 500
    #3 -~21 different rank books

    #4 -Thanks for this amzing GIVEAWAY
  15. IGN: xXMangoNationXx
    Number: 351
    What am I interested in getting?:
    Rank books

  16. DudeSahhh
    Rank Books
    Good luck to everyone!
  17. Don't forget to like the post to enter, its one of the 4 steps to enter!
  18. Ign: MadPaNdAGaming
    Number: 436

    What I would Like To win: The One And Only Yoavmcking head. But anything else will do aswell
    Good Luck Everyone!! :) -PANDA
  19. IGN: UtireonStudio
    Number: 832
    What I Want To Win: AutoSell Command
    Good Luck Everyone.
    Thanks For The Great Giveaway! <3 Hopefully i'm close enough
  20. IGN: Prince_RikkunFox
    Lets go with lucky number 363
    A rankbook would be nice for certain, and so would that echest command
    Good luck all, may your random numbers be as close as possible

    -RIkkun, of course

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