HUGE Drop Party On June 12th

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Yoavmcking, May 30, 2017.

By Yoavmcking on May 30, 2017 at 3:58 AM
  1. Hi guys!:)
    So on the 12th to june, 2016, I was promoted to helper on this Awesome server which is Arkanite Of Course, That has An Awesome Community.:D
    so today is the 30th to May, 2017. which means, my 1 year anniversary of being a staff is in 12 days. so I wanted to give something back to you guys, for the Awesome support and love that was showen by and given to me. Then I decided to host a HUGE drop party on june 12th.

    Things im dropping:

    ~Over 2000 Diffrent backpacks.

    ~9 Maxed out 400/500 pickaxes.
    ~30 Diffrent Ranks
    ~4 stacks of +3 rankup fish.

    ~3 stacks of +2 rankup fish.
    ~3 stacks of 1+ rankup fish.

    ~200 Trillion in money notes.
    ~Over 60 Diffrent tags.
    ~Over 40 Diffrent admin items.

    and alot of more cool and op stuff.:eek:

    The Dp Will Be Happening on June 12th at around 3-2 pm Pst / 6-5 pm Est

    Thank You Guys For An Amazing Year! Cya On 2018 ;)
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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Yoavmcking, May 30, 2017.

    1. DantheR1ghtman_
    2. lordnamsat
    3. DefineMePlease
      This is going to be fun. welp hope my timezone wont affect me from coming to the DP

    4. EpicRyan06
      what is it in GMT?
    5. MangoSpice
    6. MangoSpice
      Sounds like a great plan! Congratulations on staff for 1 year! This is a big accomplishment and I know you have done a lot to build the community and server up to what it is today. Thank you for everything, and I can't wait until the DP. See you there,
    7. EpicRyan06
      thank you
    8. MangoSpice
      no problem. In the future just google EST to GMT and you can convert times :)
    9. EpicRyan06
    10. MangoSpice
      Hold on just to confirm, what classifies as an "admin item"?
    11. Yoavmcking
      an item that the admin made. its an admin that you cant receive, only when the admins make it.
    12. Yoavmcking
      For an example, a lapiz block named Blue Waffle that is enchanted with sharpness X
    13. Encaged
      Glad to hear that your anniversary is coming up! Ill make sure to come online to help you do this dropparty. Got some special stuff to drop :p

      - Armagedden
    14. iallergic
      Awesome. hopefully im there!
    15. Visitables
      Good job on 1 year of Staff Yoav! Hope you continue your journey of being a Staff Member!
      Unfortunately, I am not allowed to come on June 12th. I hope all of you reading this enjoy!
    16. J3T0N
      It's 11pm GMT!
    17. CommonSentence
      lol remember that time when you me and 2 other people were in the servers own teamspeak chat channel and some guy was threatening to ddos me a bunch and shit? ;D ha ha ya remember when you did literally nothing to stop it? LOL me tooooo... ha ha i don't know if you actually knew this or not, but ya... he did it... lol and maybe you could have you know... DONE something in that time... idk like warn some other staff, tell him to stop you know xP but no... you just kinda... sat there... doing nothing... ,-, ya... I remember that to... :/ wasn't very nice of you in my opinion ,_, ... ya ,-, GRATs though... somehow you managing to get PROMOTED through your crappy job as a helper... the only way I though I could have seen you getting ranked up was by paying zepz or salsa... idk maybe you got "better" or something... Oh btw im that old "shitty builder" BioticMax ha haaaaa that was a fun time back then ,-,
    18. Yoavmcking
      I dont even know you???
    19. Yoavmcking
      Guys, Im going to a school trip on sunday monday and thursday. so i decided that right after i come back i will host the dp. and not on 12th to june. so the dp will happen on Thrusday at around 3pm pst / 6pm est. hope to see all of u there!

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