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  1. Greetings Arkanite, So today i have some decent suggestions that you should add for the server to be a better community.
    The first suggestion is adding the LuckyMining Enchant (1-5 max upgrade), and how does this work is Per upgrade it increases a chance to get Lucky blocks by 10%.
    Second suggestion: Add + 0.5x multiplier per 100 Prestige that the player hits.
    Third suggestion: Adding /duel with wagering, So how this work is you do /duel <playername> <bet>, and then it teleports you into a 1v1 arena and whoever wins, he gets the bet that he made with the other player, but not donor kits new duel kits.
    Fourth suggestion: Add Jackhammer enchant, Level: 1-50 max, So what this enchant do is when you mine many blocks in a layer it will remove the whole layer and a chance of getting Lucky Blocks..rewards..etc, This is really helpful to rekt the mine up :3
    And also i had a suggestion really long time ago is (Titans in PvP) you can Check it out.
    and i would like to thank you all for having time to read this.
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    I'm fairly certain they won't be able to do this, as I don't think TokenEnchant is compatible with their lucky block plugin. I'm also pretty sure that the spawn rate of lucky blocks is server-wide, and can't be changed on a player to player basis.

    While I agree that there should be sell increases every 100 prestiges, I don't think it should be 50% each time, as this would create such a drastic difference in earnings by those higher in prestiges than lower.

    Not sure how flexible they are when it comes to custom enchants. I know TokenEnchant allows for explosive and maybe a few other ones (haven't looked into it), and i'm not sure if they're using any other plugins for custom ones. And if they do have to find another plugin to do this, it would have to also be compatible with the tokens.
  3. ^ What he said
  4. I like the lucky mining idea but i would reduce it down to 2% per level as a lucky mining 5 with 50% more lucky blocks is over the top

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