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    Hi! The following post will have as much information as I can recall regarding Drop Parties (DPs) as possible.

    If you are a new player, then odds are you have probably heard other player reference things like "admin items" and the entirety of the "dp." This post is here to help clear up any confusion and answer any questions you may have.

    Starting off: "What is a DP?"
    A DP is a server hosted event that occurs every Saturday on the server in which the Admins and Owners come online to drop tons of items and sometimes ranks. These occur at /warp dp.

    "What kind of DP is it?"
    The Dps hosted at Arkanite include items that are both SPAWNED IN from copy pasted chests and dropped from there, OR items can be dropped directly from the inventories of the Admins/ Owners.

    "When is the DP?"
    DPs are hosted weekly, every SATURDAY at the following time:

    • 3pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    • 5pm Central Standard Time (CST)
    • 6pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    • 10pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    • 11pm British Summer Time (BST)
    Here is also a LIVE COUNTDOWN: https://arkanite.net/threads/weekly-drop-party-countdown.518/#post-2003

    "Can we change the DP time because I live in GMT and it's too late"

    No, unfortunately, the time set for the DPs for now is set in stone. Sorry to anyone that cannot attend a DP.

    "What can we get at a DP?"
    • The owners and admins on always provide VPs (vote parties) that they summon in, so no matter what, every player can receive something. Upon receiving a VP crate, you must right click to redeem it.
    • They will also drop additional keys besides the VP ones, including Legendary, Arkanite, and Vote.
    • There are additional items that are guaranteed drops including: rankup fish, personal multipliers, and usually beacons.
    • Then the admins will usually create a custom item, appropriately dubbed "Admin items" and those are only obtainable through DPs and extremely rare in the sense that very few are dropped.
    • If enough players are on, then the Owners will usually drop one copy of the top donator rank, Arkanite, as well as the /autosell command. Both of these are coveted and very rare.
    "Can we use Alts because '___' said I could but the Rules say.."

    This rule has been changed with the recent update; NO ALTS WILL BE ALLOWED AT ALL. ANY ALTS BROUGHT ON WILL BE BANNED.

    For any other questions you may have, take a look at this Directory made by one of our other staff.

    Thanks so much for reading this post, I hope it helped clear up any confusion and if there should be anything added to this post, please feel free to mention it in the reply section on here.
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