Daxonic Ban Appeal

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Should I be unbanned?!

  1. Yes, because Rew is mean and doesn't know what he's doing!

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  2. YES!

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  3. NO! FUCK YOU!!

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  4. Rew needs chill pills.

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  1. #1 Flashingss, Jun 18, 2017
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    What is your username on Minecraft? Daxonic

    Who were you banned by? The mean person! Rewtie!

    What was the ban reason? Ddosing Threats! What do you mean?!

    How long have you played on Arkanite? Pfft, that doesn't fucking matter, screw the time. (Since 4.0).

    Why should you be unbanned? I wasn't including everyone, I was just saying ddos to act scary so people don't threaten me! Jk, I did it so I can make Prongedeel scared because he's kinda of annoying and since I hate him so much I wanted to get him out of the server!!! Which, I know is very selfish of me but fuck you Prongedeel!!
    Jk, I hate him and I was trying to make him scared but I didn't want him to leave the server, there's no reason for me to threaten someone just so they can leave the server. I've said to many people that I would hack their coffee maker but that's a joke. It's good to joke sometimes!!! I understand ddosing is very serious and shouldn't be meant for joking.
    Jk, I don't even know how to ddos, so I was making everything up, I only did this to scare Prong, I only know the the ez way to get someone ip is by Skype, but I still don't know how.
    There is a lot of jk in this.
    Jk there's only like 5.
    Jk there's way more.
    But I don't Ddos I swear!
    Jk, I realize that Prongedeel may not be so bad after all.
    Jk, he is a black enderman.

    Anything you would like to tell us? Please tell Rew that he needs some chill pills. He gets really angry sometimes. Please tell me his PO box, I need to send him some chill pills.
  2. Now, here's what the rules say about DDoS, note the part at the end in particular:
    • Don't DDoS other players, make DDoS threats, engage in DDoS comedy, just don't talk about DDoSing PERIOD.
    Now, what you had done is in violation of this, and anything revolving around DDoS here is taken VERY seriously. Not only that, but you was on a thin line beforehand anyways. It took a fair bit of effort to get them to lift the IP Ban that you had before, and Me and Yoav had even said to you before when we was working on getting it lifted that you needed to be careful with what you say, and seeing that this has come up, it seems like you took no regard for what we said.

    Since it was Rew who had banned you, I'm going to leave this to him to decide.
  3. Please don't tell Yoav about this
  4. You were already banned once and then you go and repeat those same actions. You then make a ban appeal which comes off as a complete joke and in an immature way. Good luck with your ban appeal. Sent to higher staff.
  5. Thanks bro!
  6. Please unban, I didn't know joking about DDOs is allowed!
  7. FLEX.png
  8. Only way Im un-banning you is if you talk to me in discord. No other options
  9. I got you Almanac, I'm banned from the Discord.
  10. 2Federal, is the Yoav. I'm scared. *Gulp*
  11. lol i'm glad you are banned you came on and told everyone you were the real godzonly when you weren't
  12. I know this has nothing to do with your ban but I'm glad your banned and I hope you get denied
  13. I never said that, I'm sorry idiotic kid. Get a life.
  14. Sorry, you probably don't know the meaning of 'life' since your dumb, and read: 'only way i'm unbanning you is if you talk to me on discord'
    Fucking retard.
  15. Sorry I'm not gonna argue with a 9 year old but enjoy your ban! :)
  16. I'm not the guy to mess around with, watch it.
  17. Watch what? Watch you just replying to every forum post on the forums because you have nothing to do?
  18. Haha, look who's talking man.
  19. Thought you were done talking, oh you have nothing else to do?
  20. Flashingss, honestly bro, shut the hell up please. You're banned. Get over it and stop blaming everyone else.
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