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Discussion in 'Closed' started by TheStolenWispa, Dec 23, 2016.

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  1. What is your username on Minecraft? TheStolenWispa

    Who were you banned by? Salsa

    What was the ban reason? Racism/pay spam

    How long have you played on Arkanite? a week or so properly month before that

    Why should you be unbanned? I wernt being racist but i agree to the /pay spam but i was banned for 5 days and i dont think its fair for pay spam

    Anything you would like to tell us? im not a racist
  2. I wasn't on when this happendes. But for all I know: If Salsa banned you for it, than it's true. Deal with it. This ban confuses me because: Pay spamming contains 2 warnings, and than a mute. Same with racism. Regardless does are not allowed, if Salsa did however tell you to stop, and you didn't than he would get to the point, and ban you.
    I will be sure to tell the admins about this, but I think Salsa has proof of what happened.
  3. Salsa, may have mixed it up. Because there were only two people who were being Racist, and you were only Pay spamming. Yet was annoying... So the Report was needed. So yah, I think it was all a mix up.

    I will talk to Salsa himself Via Skype and see what he says.
  4. I did not get a warning because I admit I don't it but then logged of so I had no warning and I did it about 10 times in a row then I logged of
  5. So, I think there's another warning why you were banned:

    Loging on, and off which contains spam in chat.
  6. ok I did not now that thanks for the info
  7. I didt log back on till today tho
  8. Requesting thread to be closed as the player has been unbanned/ban expired.
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