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  1. This post is in regard to what I have seen during the dp which was supposed to take place January 7. Before anyone knew any information about the DP being cancelled or even just delayed, there was much chaos in the chat with several players constantly repeating that the dp was cancelled even though there was no way for anyone to know that at the time. The players repeating that statement only caused more chaos and spam in the chat and it spiraled into something nearly uncontrollable. Several players also requested that the players spreading the misinformation at the time be muted multiple times, of which the helpers promptly ignored. The chaos went on for the duration until Salsa came on and announced that the DP was to happen at 3PM PST, which I then put the time conversions into the chat for the rest of the players to see. I was immediately called retarded and as having said that I am a "downy" but this didn't bother me as I just assumed I may have read it wrong and then went along with what the helpers online said. Because there was much CHAOS in the chat caused by those very same players from the beginning that should have been muted, Salsa's message did disappear quickly from the chat. This post is not to tell the helpers how to do their job or to start any drama, but to only ask that they take into consideration what some players are saying and not immediately ignore their requests if a player is causing spam in the global chat. I ask that some of the helpers that were online respond and tell me what they dealt with on their end during this chaos and what they feel they can improve upon or adjust any rules to stop the spread of misinformation in the future.
    Thanks so much.
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  2. Who are you to tell us what we dealt with? I was Online for over 3hours watching Chat shit was still going on in the background of things. I had Msg's, people calling my name for questions. Questions were being flooded all over the place, the mislead information by other Players. Mutes were coming left and right. Hell... There were 4 of us and we still couldn't keep chat on lock down, we were lost on what to do with everyone or even what to say to them. As if we were Babys but didn't know any better or what to tell your Mom or Dad when they came into the other room. That is how most of us were. At one point we wanted to just /mc Main chat and just lock it down fully.

    There was no Mods, Owners, or even Admins online, Mods were sleep due to their Timezones they'll be sleep most likely, Admins been busy and guess forgot about DP today, and Owners were very busy... Well Salsa was busy due to him not having his Wifi up sadly. I don't know where Zepz was at we were trying to skype him hell even Salsa did himself but nothing. Not to blame them or anything no, no they did nothing wrong just was busy with IRL stuff.

    I had muted like 4... People for being Racist, DDoS Threats, and other Threats. People were yet mad due to me Muting them for their own actions... I won't ever understand that for some reason. I was fighting with those who I muted and then talk in main chat for who asked Questions. I did sign up for this Role. But people must understand... We're only one person, we can't be there to hold someone's else is hand and do something else at the same time. Did you even see how many people were online when all of this even went down? 35-55 people was online and it was only 3 Helpers.

    " Salsa's message did disappear quickly from the chat. " No it didn't... Unless you just can't see. In fact, chat somewhat chilled out when Salsa was on Console, 9x9 himself even /mc Main chat to let Salsa talk also a good job from 9x9 for thinking ahead of time.

    To be honest I don't see any other reason for this Post but to lock on us Helpers for not doing our best. We were lucky to even get all 4 Helpers online to handle Chat, I had a feeling chat would be hype, but not going crazy about everything. We were watching Chat but was more worry on who was going to something bad.

    As I said before we and others are only one Person. We spend our Weekend to get online and watch the Community, Help others who are in need, but there is only so much we can handle and do.
  3. Not to start anything except to point out. The helpers were probably doing what they could if this is true then they don't need to msg you saying what they did and how they can improve if they were to msg anyone, it would be admin or owners. I'm sure you will understand but if you really need them to they can but just know they don't have to msg you.
  4. Umm 2federal, I'm not sure if you understood the point of my post. The point was just to get an understanding of what was going on, not to tell you what you dealt with. Never once did I say that your job was easy or that you weren't being flooded. I am truly sorry if you misunderstood that but in no way at all did I intend to "lock down" on helpers at all. I had actually tried to discuss this briefly with one of the other helpers, 9x9, but as he said he was busy I said that I would take it to the forums so that I could get a better understanding.

    Again, so sorry if you feel this way and I don't see a need for you to curse in order for me to get a better understanding of the situation. But there was no intention of malice or spite here.

    Thanks so much for responding though. I understand your feelings.
  5. And dirtyjob, I do not mean for them to personally message me as I am obviously not staff, but I only meant to start a conversation about how something can be improved upon and perhaps prevent some flooding of the chat in the future
  6. The convo is cool and all. But other then that this Post is worthless and useless. There isn't anything we can Improve... If it makes you feel any better we can just /mc Main chat 35mins before DP and call it a day. Because as far as other people doing what they wish can't be stop less we take bigger steps and just 30m Mute them for small stuff that is worth a warn or a kick.

    Or others learn to act right and just play the Server without any Rules to be broken. But that itself is just asking for too much I guess. Yet we'll go down the hard and long road and watch everything and everyone in main chat and make sure nobody's " Feelings " Ain't hurt because it's starting to seem that way.

    Like really... Asking us to Improve main chat is just too much, tell that that bullshit to the people I muted today and see what they say. You don't know when or where someone may go crazy or be Racist... One dude is mad about no DP.. But the other dude is saying the N word in main chat and that one dude comes out of the shadows and say the N word and others are encourage to say it as well and make it look funny. This here only proves my point, you can't just Improve on how others act to one and another they'll fight over anything just how the Community works I guess.

    Like I said we can /mc chat and leave it at that so no one's feelings will be hurt, or any complaining and crying. But we may not even do /mc all the time just if needed.
  7. Wow, I certainly didn't expect my forum post which is only trying to better the community to be called "useless and worthless." I feel as though that comment was completely unwarranted and unnecessary to your post. However, besides that I see where you are coming from but hopefully other members of the community can read this thread and understand the effect of their behavior in chat as to help take the load off of you.

    I was hoping that we, as in the community as a whole, could learn together from this and cooperate with the staff in the future. But I do not know how well that will work if the staff itself wants to call player efforts worthless.

    Thank you again.
  8. " However, besides that I see where you are coming from but hopefully other members of the community can read this thread and understand the effect of their behavior in chat as to help take the load off of you. "

    No you still don't understand...

    If a player has Hacks while Pvpin' he / she only knows it for now, when someone finds out that person is a Hacker they will be dealt with then. The point I'm trying to get a cross is that if you know you're doing wrong then what do you need to see or understand.

    People just need to stop complaining and just follow the Rules, if so then everything could be alright. No need to fight or any kind of Threats and etc... There will always be those in a Community who does Right from Wrong and does Wrong to Right.

    You're right... Your wasn't meaningless, worthless, or useless. Your Post had one reason and one reason only. Improve.

    Like I said in my last post, you can't just Improve Players if they wish to be dealt with then let it be so, that is what they wish and only wish to do then do be it. Doesn't hurt me to mute a Player for good reasons... What are they going to do? Come back and fight at us about it, and probly get re-muted.
  9. "You're right... Your wasn't meaningless, worthless, or useless. Your post had one reason and one reason only. Improve"

    Yes, that is what I have been trying to stress this whole time which, if you feel that way why did you feel the need to insult it in the first place?

    And I never said that the community can be completely fixed, but it is possible to improve the community with perhaps easier ways to access the rules so that they can see them easier and perhaps clarify a few of the rules. For example, adding in /rules with a summarized list of the rules instead of telling players to simply click on the link, as most players will not do this. This was the point of my post, to try and get some player ideas out there and hopefully have the staff take them in.

    But how many players will want to share their ideas and feelings on the forums if they are called worthless and meaningless? What kind of message does that send to the community about expressing themselves.
  10. It shouldn't take you no more then 45s to open up the Forums and hit " Rules " It's not all that hard. We've Rules on the forums to explain them as well adding them in game would be a bit too much of explaining, but we may do this someday.

    But... The funny part is that all the stuff that I do such as Muting or a warn is mostly for Racist, or Threats and those alone are one hour Mutes. I mostly warn people for Char Spam and Spam. And I'm sure other Helpers do about the same. And when people do one of those things they should've knew better

    Your Post was mostly explaining the Chaos on the Server, then at the end of it explaining on what we can Improve. I told you what we can or could do.

    No matter what people say or do we will always Improve in many ways we can. It's what a Community does... No need to explain and add on more stress on our backs we know what we must do and that's Improve hell that was our main Goal from the start we aren't stopping anytime soon.
  11. I never meant to add anymore stress onto your back, this was simply a place to calmly discuss what has been happening and what can be done. I am sorry if that was the result on your end. But yes, pointing out the chaos and then explaining what we can improve on as a whole WAS what I said and I will not change what I said because I stand by it.

    And yes I am aware that it is not much effort to click on a link and wait for it to load, but the point of me saying that was that a majority of players that join will not do that, which is why i suggested the brief list.

    Thank you again for your enlightening responses and helping me to better understand.
  12. However, you avoided one of my questions. "if you feel that way why did you feel the need to insult it in the first place?" I would genuinely like this answered.

    Thanks so much

  13. Because I had to read this Post again, and seen one thing I didn't read. So I said sorry lmao.
  14. Thanks.
  15. The entire situation revolving around the drop-party yesterday was very difficult for us helpers.

    We not only had to watch the chat at the time, in which frequent messages made chat difficult to follow at times, but we were also actively trying to figure out what the heck was happening prior to salsa announcing the delay on what was happening. We had alot on our hands, and as a result it was very difficult to manage everything

    I had said to those spreading chaos to stop, and originally planned to mute them, but as my point above stated, it was a bit too difficult with everything for me to get around to carrying this out.

    It was just a hard situation for all of the helpers to deal with, where chat had been difficult to follow with having to try and figure out what had been happening. This post isn't one which necessarily needed to be made, but at least it can help some players figure out how difficult the situation could have been.

    P.S 2Federal You need to chill a bit mate, It doesn't feel helpful when the first post you make on a thread starts with 'Who are you to tell us what we dealt with?'. Try and make sure you fully understand what the post is saying before you reply, and please refrain from any comments like this, as it doesn't help situations in the slightest.
  16. Thank you so much for responding in this manner without any insults Jj, I honestly appreciate it and apologize on behalf of those who made your job more difficult and hopefully more helpers will be hired to help manage the chaotic chat.

    Thanks again
  17. What did I miss?

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