Bias Shouldn't Impact Events

Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by KnucklesGuy, May 12, 2018.

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    Loved the parkour event tonight.
    What a wholesome event :)

    No but seriously, event rules need to be set in stone. You can't just make them up as you go.
    So for some context:

    Crazy announced a parkour event around 10 minutes before it started, everyone who wanted to participate showed up, and it started on time. About 2 minutes into the event, Crazy decided he didn't want me winning this one, and made up a rule mid-event that the last person who one the parkour event couldn't win the current one. I'd be fine if this rule was stated beforehand, but I was already half done. This was then just brushed off as "I'm an admin I can do whatever I want", which if you hadn't noticed, is the completely wrong mindset for a staff member.

    Events are supposed to be planned out, not developed mid-game, and changing them to disadvantage an individual you don't personally like is extremely unprofessional. This loses players, it's doing the opposite of good for the server. Nobody wants to be around abusive staff. It's not funny, it's not enjoyable, and it's not how successful servers are run.

    Sorry if this seems like an attack on Crazy, but it's one of the few times i've seen this happen (the only other time being when Dan held a competition and changed the rules, but he apologized and gave the respective players their prizes), and I haven't seen it discussed yet. Arkanite should be striving for a playerbase feeling accepted, as its numbers are already low. I'm also not saying to correct this specific situation, but rather to learn from it and not have anything like this happen again.
  2. It wasnt exactly a "official" event. I see your point, my chat was spammed with his announcements for it
  3. It's an "official" event when staff want it to be. There were real prizes on the line and regular rules were in place. The only difference this time being the fact that crazy decided to add an extra rule during the competition.
  4. I agree knuckles. Crazy should not have made seperate rules just for you. Honestly, when you are halfway through the parkour and an admin tells you that you can't participate because you won an event 2 weeks ago, that's kid of unfair. He started making seperate rules that were not announced and the start and I agree that events should be planned out. Thanks for the suggestion, KnucklesGuy!
  5. I agree, one of the few times i agree with you but i dont like the mindset of "im admin i can do whatever i want" mindset, that turns into abuse and players dont want to be around staff that target them, and the parkour event is an example.
  6. It is the first time any of this has happened. Crazy did it and this never usually happens. Jshy and Spirit both have good points.
  7. What they said was the exact same thing I did, and I’m aware this is a first time, which is why I called him out on it...
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