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Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by RoboticMiner, Oct 10, 2017.

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    add a command that auto rank up the player by doing /AutoRankup or /AR
    (i know maxrankup is a thing) I'm talking about something that automaticly rankes you us so you don't have to stop to do /ru or /rankuk
  2. /Maxrankup
  3. last time i checked /maxrankup doesn't work that well, i may be wrong, correct me if i am, anyways. i agree with you robominer i think we need a command that can just rank a player up automatically, and most important fastly, without a 3 seconds cooldown between every rank up.
  4. im not sure if it works well or not since i stopped mining,
  5. Uhh...? Yes it works 100% fine. If there were any problems then Players would've said something and it would've been fixed by now. Gotta keep updated with the server.
  6. I am updated with the server haha, not with ranks though since he asked if we could add something similar to what i had in my had i thought that /maxrankup stayed the same as it was a like 2 months ago.

    So 2fed is claiming that everything's fine with the /maxrankup system, so what's the problem then RoboMiner215 what do you mean by /autorankup
  7. what i meant when i said "not working well" is that it has a long cooldown between each rankup. and its much more annoying than just ranking up again and again
  8. auto rank up being when you have the money it auto rank the player up
  9. yea that what i thought of when you suggested the idea. but it has to be a command since some people don't even want to rank up
  10. There already is an /autorankup command.. Atleast I'm pretty sure. It just goes really really slow.
  11. Thats what me and robo mean
  12. make autorankup faster
  13. I agree i miss the old rank up system when you could just spam it and get to z in about 5 seconds
  14. ya and the old prestige and /complete system was so fun back then
  15. not sure about the prestige and complete, we changed it for a reason and the reason was: people were able to get to complete 5 within a week, so we decided to go with a different prestige system and a different /complete system, so it would take more time and effort for players to prestige/complete. now I'm not sure if the rankup system was apart of the change. i know it changed but I'm not sure if it was for the same reason like the reason we decided to change /prestige and /complete but what i do know, is that it's annoying to wait 3 seconds between every rankup.

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