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Discussion in 'Staff Abuse' started by Guccial, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. Who are you reporting? 2Federal

    How did they abuse? I wouldnt call this abuse, but simply uncalled for rudeness

    Proof? This staff member commented on one of my posts and continuously, for no reason, insulted the post which was only to try and help the community. When asked why this staff member acted this way, all I received was a half-assed apology.
    You can read for yourself on my post. I feel as this was unwarranted and would like a reason for this behavior.
    This is a link to some screenshots of the forum post also
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  2. Alright.

    Last night on the Server there was a ton of Chaos that I and other couldn't handle and couldn't think of what to do or say to those who were mad or upset of the delay of the Hoster of this Weeks Drop Party. We was hoping an Owner or Admin would be able to get online to host this DP but yet time passed and people grew upset and I was worry of what may come of this and what could we do, because we couldn't talk to no Admins or Owners till 25mins when DP was passed. There was questions, msg's, calling name and everything in chat going on, it was only 4 and could barely take chat clean and clear. We barely got by but yet hopefully we did.

    I'm sorry if we couldn't look at everyone's question's and msg's and everything but as far as I knew I was Muting and giving others warns, during this time I was fighting with those who were upset and mad because of their own actions, meanwhile I was getting a ton of questions of if DP was going down or not and I didn't know what to say as if I knew everything was going to be okay... I was sadly wrong.

    The Chaos itself made me somewhat mad because I had to fight with those who felt as if their Mute was over power or not worth the time of doing. And I'm a person who doesn't like fighting with other people... It isn't my thing to do. I like working things out and making others understand on what they did wrong and what they need to think about and work on.... Maybe that's why I'm so hard and harsh on some of the Players I talk to. Yet time was low and had no time to think of forgiveness or acceptness, my mind was set on keeping chat clean.

    Yet me being mad lead this to the Forums as well sadly. Looking at your Post only made me even more... Mad. I felt as if I didn't do my fully part of that day as if I only came to chill and sit back and watch. Then not to forget others who lead me into muting them for Threats and Racism. At the time I felt as if your last Post was meaningless and worthless, but yet I started to think as only she wanted to only help us Improve Chat on busy these such as those, and just Improve the Community to stop this kind of things such as these to come back around. But as I explained before it is hard for us to Improve what others may think of how they feel about each other. It's not really like we can sit people down and have a mature talk and just iron it all out. Only baby steps as of now.

    Therefore I'm sorry @Guccial for my actions and only wish to Improve myself in this kind of things of yet I'm still new to this Helper thing and only know so much yet know and so little. I'm also sorry for my harsh insults and Comments towards as you only wanted to help us and try and improve this Community. Hopefully, you may only forgive my actions of your Post and towards you, and put it aside and let us Players of Arkanite focus of what is yet to come of this Year.
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