So the winner for the monthly top voter vouchers are:

1. the_bed_steeler ($25)
2. dandaz2010 ($15)
3. miika231 ($5)

Congratulations on the top voters of the month! I will mail the codes to you in game!


The winner of the December Arkanite Rank giveaway is aranmar1.
A new Arkanite rank giveaway will be posted on our Prison server. Log in and use /giveaway


Vote: http://arkanite.net/vote
Donate: http://store.arkanite.net
Check for giveaways in game with /giveaway
Hey there, we made the decision a while back to change up our website, so we are switching over from Enjin to Xenforo. We bought the theme from audentio and we think it looks a lot better than our previous site, and we hope you guys think so too. We'll be making some updates to it regularly over the course of the next week or so. As well as our new site releasing we are working on finishing up our new servers (Factions and Practice PVP) for you guys and we hope to have that finished by the weekend. Since our new site is out, apps have been reset, you can post a new one on our forums if you'd like to re-apply, we promise faster response times. Check back here regularly for updates on whats happening with Arkanite.